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Taking organizations tot he next phase

Developing people and organizations to make your company more successful. Linking practice with theory to get practical, useful advices that we will implement.  Working together with your team on analyzes and creating strategic options, without losing sight of the practical side and feasibility. Too often we see established consultants and managers making the most beautiful analyses, presentations and plans, which are ultimately not realized because the practical side / feasibility and ownership do not receive enough attention. This can and must be done differently!

‘Managers write memo’s no dissertation reports’ It is not difficult to write a comprehensive report, but to conceive the essence on an A4 or to have a provocative conversation to make people think and act, that is what counts. The result is your success.

Pragmatic comes from the Greek word “Pragma”, meaning action. The pragmatist is based on facts, causes and effects. He draws lessons from it and then proceeds to act. Pragmatic means: practical, useful and usable.

Pragmatism is a philosophical movement characterized by its focus on linking theory with practice, which is not independent of each other according to pragmatism. It is perhaps best known for their pragmatic theory of truth that a belief is true if it works in practice. Truth is thus not defined by reference to a correspondence relationship or coherence, but in terms of practical use and social benefit.